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North and South Cakalaka represent~

Wrath of Khan!
Logan - fish face
September 24th-26th is the Escapism Film Festival at the Carolina Theater in Durham, NC.

There are a ton of cool classics being shown this year, one of which is 35mm screening of STAR TREK: THE WRATH OF KHAN!

It plays each night at 7:00 pm.

Seeing movies on 35mm nowadays is rare so this is a treat and they are showing it in their huge Fletcher Hall which includes a balcony. You haven't had a great movie experience unless you've seen a movie from a balcony seat.

Cost is $8 unless you buy a 10 ($60) or a 5 ($35) pass. So if group wants to go we can get a cheaper rate.

I'm definitely planning to see the screening on Friday night. Join me if you like or feel free to plan something else as a group.

Check out the website for more info and to check out the other awesome classics being shown that weekend: http://festivals.carolinatheatre.org/escapism/

Star Trek at NC Museum of Art!
Logan - fish face
Ok, all details are squared away for this event!

7:00ish PM at CHAR GRILL #2
3211 Edwards Mill Road
Raleigh, NC 27612-5367
(919) 781-2945

8:45 PM at NC Museum of Art (starts at 9:00 PM)
2110 Blue Ridge Rd
Raleigh, NC 27607
(919) 839-6262

Please let me know if you are coming and if you plan to have dinner. I'll then message you my cell# in case you get lost or whatever.

(no subject)
Logan - fish face
Saturday July 17th, Star Trek is being shown at the NC Museum of Art in Raleigh, NC at 9:00 pm. Cost is $3.

Anyone want to come with? We can get dinner near by first if you want.

(no subject)
Just wanted to remind WNC GQMFs about Fanaticon, this Saturday at Pack Place in downtown Asheville.


For those of you who live in/around Asheville, NC, there's going to be a brand-new comic book convention downtown called Fanaticon on Saturday, 5/15/10.


There won't be any Star Trek actors there....however, it would still be a great time/place to have a meet-up. Just look for the girl dressed like Agatha Heterodyne, carrying a sign that says "ONTD_startrek". (Hopefully I'll actually have my costume done in time. >_<)

Anyone else interested?

May Meet-Up- VOTING
What's this? Activity from the mod! Le gasp!

Okay, so I didn't get on the ball from a March meet-up... or an April one... But May shall be our month! The weather's nice and we'll all need a break from school! This post is to determine when would be the best time for a meet-up and what we'll be doing, so there's gonna be a couple polls.
Poll under the cutCollapse )
Voting will go through April 21st, at which point we will finalize dates and times.

*June 4-6: ConCarolinas (Charlotte)
*July (not finalized): Carowinds and/or Emerald Pointe.

If you know of any conventions/special events happening in your area, please let me know and I'll post them to the community. Or you can post them to the community yourself. :)

ConCarolinas '10
Spock- It are fact
ConCarolinas is going to be in Charlotte from June 4-6, if anyone's interested in having a meet-up there. As of right now, only one ST actor will be there (Bill "Alien Actor" Blair; he played mostly background aliens in DS9, Voyager, and Enterprise, but he's also helped out on the Star Trek Phase II New Voyages), but we cn hold out hope some more might sign-on?

Anywhoose, some of their advertised events include a costume contest, a zombie walk (which sounds like a BLAST), belly dancers, a stage production of the Rocky Horror Picture Show, and a Time Traveler's Ball.

Here's their website where you can find out about registering (only $30 for a weekend pass!) and the con/hotel location (room rates starting at $95).

As of right now, I plan on attending and have forced coerced convinced (quite easily, actually) three of my friends from TN to come along (2 of whom are GQMFs and the other who isn't, but she's our Scotty).

(From left to right: sherlockiangirl, kirihana527, banditjoeykuba, and prisuno90; taken at our Halloween get together in TN)


I'll stop being a lazy/crappy mod now...
OMGF Productions
I know the holidays are upon us, but maybe in January we can try to plan a meet-up?

The main problem is where. North Carolina is a large state, but most everybody seems to be situated in either the western portion of the state or the eastern portion of the state, so maybe we can split this up into two primary areas: The Ashville Area and the Chapel Hill/Raleigh area. Those two cities should be within a decent driving distance of everyone, myself included. Does that sound okay with everyone?

But before we start planning on anything, we need to come up with some general dates to meet-up on (Saturdays are probably better, especially for those of us who have to travel) and some sort of activities to engage in (laser phaser tag, anyone?). I'm not too familiar with either city, so I'll leave it up to y'all to fill me in on what kind of stuff is available to do. (But when it comes to watching stuff, I have all three seasons of TOS on DVD and every single one of the movies [some on DVD, some on VHS]. ;D)

Anywhoose, leave some feedback here and if there's enough interest generated, we'll start some concrete planning. :3

OMGF Productions
Howdy y'all and welcome to the community! :D We're glad to have ya here!

Now, take a mintue to introduce yourself. Give us your name (or nickname, whatevs you're cool with), your age, where you're from (IE, more specific than JUST the state), what you do for a living, interesting facts about yourself, favorite shows, etc etc etc. Just let us know who you are!

I'll start us off!

Name: I go by DPAK here on the interwebz, but my real name is Susan.
Age: 20
From: Right outside of Salisbury (about an hour north of Charlotte)
Job: Full time student, part time cashier

I'll update this with somemore info about myself later.


(Rules post will come later)